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Need help with Avid shopper


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I just finished the game 100% and i don't have enough coins to buy the last item which is refinement tool i heard a lot of guides says i don't buy it , i bought every other item but still didn't get the trophy,  i am 52 coins short to buy the tool i have 653 coins in total , need help

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I was in the same situation. 

You have to buy all items to get the trophy. 

I tried to left the tool but I did not get the trophy. 

If you missed some coins you can search in the first map (Syria). 

You can go there after the story is all done. 

I found pretty useful this video 


There is a tomb where you have to use some boats to reach the other side of the river (I don't remember the name) ; in the middle there is a little island with some coins on the top. 

You can try in all these places 

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I was also short at the end of my 100%, which surprised me as I was grabbing coin piles right and left during my playthrough.  Syria and the Lost City are both great places to go back and look around in.  I also found a pile I had missed in the Ancient Cistern challenge tomb (from the campfire, enter the tomb and swim right to the corner.  There's a map and a pile of coins that are easy to miss).


Failing that, the cylindrical containers have a chance of dropping coins.  You can cheese this by backing up your save before opening the container.  If there aren't any coins, you can redownload your save and try again.  I found I had the best results if I fast travelled somewhere else and back again then open the container (it seems like the contents don't reset otherwise).  You can get +3 coins per container this way at the end of the game.


(Apologies for bumping an older topic- hopefully this helps anyone else in the same boat)

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