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Are some of the Trophies bugged?

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Yes, some trophies are bugged, but not in a bad way. Particularly the trophies for solving all of a certain puzzles. The trophies for the Check Answer, Color Area, Connect the Dots, Crossing, Draw Lines, Pouring, Rhythm, and Write Answer puzzles did not pop for me until I closed and restarted the game (and then they all popped at once). And oddly, the "Leave No Stone Unturned" trophy, for completing all bonus puzzles popped for me when I had only completed about half of them.


Also, when playing through the story, the rhythmic puzzles would not register "O" presses for long notes. I had to skip most of those puzzles because of that. But if you have the points to skip a puzzle it still counts as completing it. Luckily there are no bonus rhythmic puzzles.

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