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HELP Just bought Minecraft


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I just bought Minecraft for my kids from Santa.  I can't get past the "Accept Terms" screen.


Hitting X does nothing, I can't scroll down on the terms.  I'm stuck.


Everything is up to date.


Please help, I need to get this done tonight, its supposed to be from Santa....

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DId you try restarting the game? If that doesn't work you could try deleting the game and redownloading it. It's only 100 mb's. I don't remember having that issue.



Before you do that, though, you might have to scroll all the way down with the left analog stick to accept terms of agreements. If that doesn't work then the above should. Hope that helps, and Merry Christmas :)

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Also make sure your controller (hold down the middle "PS button") is controller number one, go to controller settings (I believe that's what its named... tired and memory loss) and change it to "Controller One" (Or 1), than your controllers button should be lit-up with the number one where the red lights are. (I'm not sure if this could be causing you not being able to continue or not, but it's my guess)

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