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Important info about the war (please read)


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It is clear to most by now how difficult it is to win the war. There is no way to mobilise everyone who plays the game. Not only that, many want to play in their own way or they have already gotten the trophy so why bother? Even with this in mind, there is a very easy way to make the event easier for the ones who at least want to put the time to win the war. I’ve been participating and observing how the game works since July. I’ve also read old developer comments about how the events trigger and why they can be very challenging. 

The difficulty of the events (and how often they trigger) depends on 2 factors:


1. The amount of people online when an event triggers 

2. The result of the previous war and maybe event (not sure about the last one)


What’s relevant to me is the former. This can be manipulated to make the events easier to manage. When an event triggers and only few people are online, it will take less event points to win the war. This means that there are very easy and simple rules to follow while you can still do your thing AND helping others out.


1. When you see that an attack event is about to trigger, try to go offline and log online after the attack event has started.  
2. When you see a defence event is going badly, wait for the next defence event to trigger. Go offline before and go online after the event has triggered.


Preferably we want the events to trigger around the time Europeans are asleep or when it’s morning for them. That’s when you have around 300 people online. If the event triggers when:

-1k+ people online, then we’re in trouble and will most likely lose the events.

-600-800+ people online, it’s going to be very difficult to win the events

-300-400+ people online, it’s possible to win the events with fewer people who are dedicated to winning. 
-The less the better of course but you don’t see less than 270 people online most of the time.


What counts as an event?

There are 2 types of events, attack events and defence events. The attack events usually take 48 hours to clear. All the missions will then contribute to the event when you’re on that homeworld.

Defence events can be done alongside normal missions and you have 2.5 hours to help out. Defence events can be found in one big planet, usually on the top left corner. There you see the progress before you enter the planet to select missions. If you’re not playing in this planet, then you’re not contributing to the defence events. This is something that many people miss and end up not helping even though they want to. When you do normal missions, you get influence points to take over planets/blocks. It’s not the same as event points!

It’s such a small effort that can make a huge difference. Please help if you can and spread the word. The more that know this, the better.

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Nothing new for me in your post, although your dedication is appreciated.


While I can agree with everything you have said, it would be summed up by saying that it all depends on the number of players PARTICIPATING in the current war.


Since I discovered this game, I have enjoyed playing it and helping others overcome difficult planets.


Currently I don't play it as often as I would like, due to recent server issues (although these are theoretically fixed now, as I warned in this same forum weeks ago here).


I’ll try to help you all again guys!

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Hey, thanks for leaving a reply.


At the end of the day, of course it depends on those participating to make winning possible. But having the event trigger with less players online makes a considerate difference. It would surprise you how many don’t know about this. I found out when talking to others.


This is demonstrated by us winning Cyborg. We did it with 505 players online at the time of triggering and between 150-180 players online helping with the event the entire time. We did so good that we conquered it half a day earlier. We can now focus on winning illuminate and bugs. The wise plan is to focus on getting illuminate first and leave bugs for last. 

So guys, please follow the rules mentioned to make us win this. We have a good chance at getting this!

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On 23/10/2021 at 0:37 PM, ShivaRpgN said:

We won the war. I repeat, WE WON THE WAR!!!


Thank you for all the help and support everyone.

You're welcome! Hehe…




No problem! It has been as much fun as ever and a pleasure to continue helping out there as well. Enjoy your new trophies!



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