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Tips for the Trophy The Lovers with Emily


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In High chaos, there are 2 naturals opportunities in Mission 5 to do this trophy with the power Domino.

  • On a roof in front of the Royal Conservatory, you have a female soldier talking with a female civilian. The soldier will push the civilian off the roof at the end of their talk.
  • Near the Black Market, 2 females Howlers will play robbing in hope a dumbass will save the fake victim. At the end of their talk, the fake attacker will be pissed by the acting of her comrade and kill her. In Low chaos, the fake victim will play her part and at the end they will not fight. There is also another male Howler hiding near them to join the fight against you if you are spotted.


In High chaos Mission 6, near the Overseers target's office there are 2 Overseers. One of them is in the bed, and the other in standing near him. The Overseer in the bed is dying (hurt by a Howler) and his comrade will kill him to relieve the pain.


I used a soldier as shield (when using R1 but not strangle the target) and make the other targeted soldier kill him to gain the trophy.


Update: if you buy the power to turn bodies to ash, know it only work for people you killed. If a NPC kill another NPC, the bodies will not disappear (even with Domino).

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