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2 Playthroughs to Platine


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There are 3 trophies that should need 3 playthroughs :

  • Flesh and Steel : Play as Corvo or Emily. In Mission 2, refuse the Outsider's powers and finish the game without powers.
  • The Lovers : Play as Emily. In Mission 2, accept the Outsider's powers and make 2 humans kill each others with Domino. Domino is Emily's special power and Corvo don't have it.
  • Circle of Life : Play as Corvo. In Mission 2, accept the Outsider's powers and do the trophy in Mission 5. Possession is Corvo's special power and Emily don't have it.


I used Corvo to do my 1st playthrough in Clean Hands, Shadow and Flesh and Steel, so I will have to do a 3rd playthrough just to gain Circle of Life in Mission 5 for the platine.


I thought about how to do it in 2 playthroughs, so here my tips.

  • 1st playthrough : Play as Corvo, kill many (High chaos), accept powers (save some runes to upgrade Possession in mission 5), get all collectibles.
  • 2nd playthrough : Play as Emily. Play Stealth, no kill (Low chaos) and finish the game without powers. Save and reload to do specific trophies.

It should be more easy to do stealth on your 2nd playthrough since you should know more about the plot, map and enemies.

Thanks to amazing work of others contributors, there are many guides and tips. Please refer to them for complementary informations.


1st playthrough : Play as Corvo with powers in High Chaos and do all related collectible (Art Collector, Well Funded, Souvenirs, and Royal Spymaster) and killing trophies. Loot lots of runes to upgrade Possession for Circle of Life in Mission 5.

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

  • Songs of Serkonos part2 : get in stealth mode in the Howler's saloon. If you give the Overseer's body to Paolo, they won't play music. You should kill/neutralize stealthy the Howlers around to be in front of the duo and listen to their music (some people constated just listening to the duo from afar didn't work, I played did it to be sure it counted for the trophy). The duo should not be alerted or see you put down people, or they will run and it may block the trophy.
  • Place of Three Deaths part 2 : kill Paolo 2 more times and get the trophy.
  • Faithful to the Abbey : give Paolo's body to the Overseers.

Mission 7

Mission 8

Mission 9


2nd playthrough : Play as Emily. Don't kill any humans for Clean Hands. Don't be spotted by anything (humans, dogs, clockwork soldier) for Shadow. You will need to finish the game without powers for Flesh and Steel (read more detailed informations for Mission 1 and 2).

Mission 1 : Save before talking to Meagan on the boat and start Mission 2.

Mission 2

  • The Lovers : Accept the Outsider's powers. Do the trophy, then reload the save in the end of Mission 1 and finish the game without powers for Flesh and Steel.

Mission 6 : Read the Jindosh's door riddle, then save in front of Jindosh's door. Reading the riddle will make sure it will not change when you reload your save later.

  • Howlers ’til the End  : Deliver the Overseer to Paolo. You can get the code for the door (write the solution or screenshot it) or solve the riddle with your brain later. Reload in front of the Jindosh's door.
  • Eureka : You can bypass most of the Mission 6 by just getting to Jindosh's door. It will be more easy for Shadow. Open it (without finding the solution in the game) and start Mission 7.

Mission 7

  • Under the Table : if you didn't get it during 1st playthrough, you can still get it.

Mission 9

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I was able to do it with two playthroughs:
1) Blind playthrough with Emily: Flesh and Steel, High chaos 
2) New Game + Corvo playthrough: Shadow, Clean Hands, Low Chaos. Collected all runes, bonecharms, and collectibles using a guide. Also got most of the loot for Well Funded (with a guide). Didn't use any runes until Mission 4. Kept Mission 4 save file and did a speed run of it so I could do Circle of Life in Mission 5. Used  Mission save files to get the other miscellaneous trophies (such as Lovers)

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