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FBI HQ - Bug when protecting Major Jones, dead enemies respawn


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I tried to play in the hardest difficulty.

Until then, it was a bit hard but nothing impossible.


On the roof of the FBI HQ, Jones go in front line even when I tank with XIII to protect her and she keep dying most of the times during the mission.

I found ways to continue with each try.


The checkpoint is in a room with 3 killed enemies's bodies (in this room if I remember correctly : https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-XvB-x6SeQ&t=1808s), XII and Jones both having very little health.

I had the very unpleasant surprise to found a bug where the 3 dead enemies get back to life at some point when you keep restart at the checkpoint (XIII fell in the hole and respawn at this checkpoint).

So you start the checkpoint surrounded by them, and XII either get killed or Jones is killed.

I even tried suicide attacks, but in the end XIII got killed lots of times (enough to get the trophy Get good).


To be clear, the first few reload at this checkpoint the enemies were dead.

But at some points, there were respawn and attack XIII and Jones when they are exposed in the middle of the room.


I probably have to restart the chapter (or the game) from scratch to at least finish the game (one day when I will get motivated).

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