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For all of you out there who doesn’t have 3-4 controllers to get Snowplough or Cupid. YOU STILL NEED 2 CONTROLLERS TO GET ALL TROPHIES. You have to do this very quickly before the game starts.

1-Start a battle game on competitive, you can start on casual if you want to but less people will try to join your match if you have competitive on. Just make sure it’s isn’t a custom match or trophies will not unlock.

2-Quickly turn off your controller from the quick menu

3-Power on your controller and do not select the account you’re getting the trophies on but instead login with your secondary account and join the game


You have to have 3 separate PSN accounts other than your main account to join the public mini game. Repeat step 2 and 3 until you have 4 players in game and kick everyone that joins in before the match starts. I hope this helps someone.


I’m not sure if this works on PS4 but it definitely works on PS5

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