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Muspelheim Secret - Legendary Axe Grip


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Step into the ring on the floor and aim your camera at things in this specific order:


1. Ring on the floor

2. Tyr’s Temple

3. Left brazier

4. Tyr’s Temple

5. Right brazier

6. Left brazier

7. Tyr’s Temple

8. Ring on the floor

9. Right brazier

10. Left brazier

11. Tyr’s Temple


You can tap L2 on each step to make things easier.

Don't rush, but don't go slow either. There is a set amount of time to do this.

If done correctly, you will hear a sound cue after step 5 and a realm tear will appear in front of you after the final step.


Don't forget to upgrade the axe pommel. It boosts your stats and doesn't cost much.


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