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Weird ?? i got the Order of the Holy Lance Medal before doing CH10


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hi everyone im playing this game to get the platinum again and also doing a 100% Platinum Guide with getting A ranks on my 1st run 


yesterday i finished the last Edy challenge  as i didn't do CH 10 yet , somehow while doing the Edy DLC i got the Order of The Holy Lance Medal / Trophy



strange is that even supposed to happen because the WIKI says 



" Earn an A Rank on any chapter battle after Chapter 10 "


so how did it unlock for me ??


ill be uploading it in my YT Playlist later soon to show you all 

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ok everyone sorry had to edit out my mistakes and add my VO , here's my video


has anybody got this Medal like me before doing CH 10 ??!


i played it on ps3 100% , then platinumed it on PS4 japanise Disk and now I'm platinuming it on a US Disk 


this is the 1st time this happens to me 


any explanation ??




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