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The trophies in this game are quite stressful


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Hey everyone!


I'm only on day 4 and this game, while thought-provoking and interesting, is so annoying and downright frustrating that I haven't played anything this vexing in a long time.


The artificially heightened difficulty with so many small things that mess up your playthrough makes it quite unenjoyable from a trophy perspective, with many irritating trophies that need to be considered while trying to survive and make it through the days with all the time management going on.


I will probably enjoy the game more after getting all the trophies. I usually have a lot of patience with technical aspects of games but the constant freezing when opening doors, the micro-lagging in the inventory and menus and the immersion-destroying loading times when moving between districts is frustrating in a game where time management is everything and it breaks the enjoyment of exploring while attempting to keep all of the bad things from happening.


I'm playing the game on a PS 4 Pro. If anyone has the game and a PS 5, please share whether or not it loads as much between every area and when entering buildings as it does on PS 4 Pro ?

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Okay pheeew guys after two long and arduous days with Pathologic 2 non-stop I have finally gotten all the trophies. I had accumulated like 50+ websites to read up on various things in the game that are obscure and many times seemingly impossible without help, especially when going for the trophies. 


A huge shout-out to the trophy guide author for his or her massive investment in summarizing mostly everything that needs to be done and especially the checklist with events to keep in mind each day. Without the trophy guide it would have been super frustrating and dare I say impossible to figure out many things about what, when and where to fulfill various tasks. There were a few things that were left out in the guide that needed to be done to get some things or people to spawn but luckily with back-up saves you can redo stuff.


Speaking of back-up saves; to whoever will attempt going for the platinum in Pathologic 2 please keep many for when you mess something up. But as has been pointed out in another thread, don't have over 100 or it won't let you save anymore. I avoided that by managing my save files every now and then and deleting old saves from earlier days.


A great game all in all and a massive endeavor by the developers Ice-Pick Lodge. It's very mysterious and rewarding but the many loading times were a big turn-off even though I did get somewhat used to them by the end.

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