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Niche Position Bug


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Niche position is the last trophy I have to get for the Ultimate Edition on PS5. I have visited all 10 hidden locations multiple times , but nothing seems to be working. I tried quitting game and going to them, resetting abilities and going to them, creating a mod, completing bureau alerts and countermeasures and nothing works. That was all I can find in terms of possible solutions online. Anyone else run into a similar issue and try something different that worked?

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I was having trouble with this as well, and the subterranean trophy as well.


But I got them both. I went back to mission select and started from my endgame and started the foundation again  and after my third collectible got the the subterranean trophy out of the way.


I then sped through the missions and finished them off. I then went to the first hidden room underneath the nail and it popped as soon as I walked in. I did lose my ears tho since I wasn't going to find the cats again.


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