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Different trophies?

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I recently discovered that the trophy list for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is wildly different than the trophy list for Final Fantasy XIV. Examples being the inclusion of trophies for the expansions and class specific trophies in the latter. I purchased the full game with all expansions included yet these trophies don’t seem to exist in my version, the former. Why? This is rather frustrating to discover.

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That is beyond odd considering that the only expansion released for the PS5 is Endwalker. All the other expansions released for the PS3 and PS4. So, you’re saying they didn’t release trophies for Heavensward until recently with the PS5? Do they automatically pop then if you’ve finished the expansion years earlier? Beyond bizarre.

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Square never added in expansion trophies for the PS4 version and decided to instead add them all only on PS5. Once you get the game on PS5, just complete a quest and a majority of trophies will pop, kill one enemy for the enemies trophies, etc. 


For the trophies that lists a specific raid/alliance raid, you have to complete them again.

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