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Career stats glitched


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I have no clue what is going on but when looking at the career stats in game, the combined stats are impossibly larger than the single player and cooperative stats. I just launched the game for the first time, never having put the disc in before, started a brand new game and everything. 


After killing the very first guy in the prologue, the progress tracker in game popped up saying "Silent but deadly - 5/25". How is that even possible?

During the second mission, the tracker popped up again saying "World Record - 200/506". Again, how?


The only reason I could think of is that since I'm playing on Sniper Elite difficulty and was dying a lot, it was multiplying my stats or something, but considering it said 5/25 undetected kills after killing the very first guy in the game, I am completely stumped.


I've only finished Prologue and Schönberg Convoy and went to check my stats. Under combined stats it says my total play time is 4.5 hours and I have 400 total kills?? But then under single player and cooperative stats, it says I have 91 kills and 48 mins play time. If you look at my time stamps there's 53 mins between the first and last trophies as of writing, which means the stats listed under single player and cooperative are correct but somehow the combined stats are way higher when I've not even played multiplayer. I tried googling to see if it was a known bug but found nothing anywhere about it so I am truly lost.


Here's a video showing my stats.





*Update: After finishing the second mission, my career stats now show over 800 kills however I haven't unlocked the World Record trophy. So I'm assuming the trophies still unlock normally and it's just a visual glitch which I was thinking they were going to pop and make my timestamps look suspicious.


**Update: A few kills into the next mission and World Record unlocked, despite the single player and cooperative stats saying I had 199 total kills after the previous mission.

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