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[Video] ? Platinum Walkthrough | Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family


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Whiskey, mafia and jazz: these are the key ingredients of a cocktail called Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family. This game serves as a prequel to Whiskey Mafia: Frank's Story and tells the story of Leo's criminal group that participates in different illegal activities. A lowly fellow named Christopher, the son of a port worker, finds himself the newest member of the mob. Can he make his American dream come true?


This is not just another mafia game, it is a great story inspired by popular cult movies and mafia dramas. You will get the feeling of what it is like to be a gangster in the 1920s who had to do different criminal things: from car theft to smuggling. There's also a nostalgic '20s feel to the game - a great mobster setting guaranteed!



Whiskey Mafia: Leo’s Family ?

  • Estimated Difficulty: 1/10 (with guide)
  • Trophies: 13 Trophies.
  • Online Trophies: 0 Trophies.
  • Approximate Time: 15 Mins.
  • Missing Trophies: No (following the guide
  • Glitch Trophies: No.
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No.
  • Price: € 4.99
  • Different Lists: Yes: x3 - PS4 (EU, NA & AS).


We start a new game and intermittently press X until we take control of the game.


Our first test will be a puzzle which is quite easy to solve, we just have to connect all the lines together, the ones on the left do not fit perfectly, but as long as they are oriented towards the others everything will be fine.


To change location we must press on the red arrow that appear in the scenarios. We left the house (Red Arrow).


  • Bus stop (Go to Garage).
  • Enter Vito's Garage. (We solve puzzle, like the first one).
  • Exit the Garage.
  • Leave the house.
  • Bus stop (Go to Unkle's house), go to Unkle.
  • Bus stop. (Enter Leo's Family), talk to the bartender and leave.
  • Go to the green car.
  • Leave the house. (DO NOT SPAME THE X).
  • Select "To Vito's garage".
  • Continue.
  • Select "At the port". Go to the warehouse.
  • - Now there is a long scene that we cannot skip, then there will be a chase in which we must crush X quickly to be able to overcome it.
  • Leave the house.
  • Solve Padlock Puzzle, for this we must press X just when the arrow points to the green strip.
  • Select the red arrow that points to the warehouse, once inside take the boxes.
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