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PS5 to PS4?

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I started playing this on ps5. However, I just found out the ps4 has a lot more... beginner friendly trophies. Is it possible to like, downgrade? Or would I need to purchase a version with a ps4 license attached to it, uninstall the version I have installed now, and then install the ps4 version? And if this is possible, how will trophies pop if I've already completed requirements of some? Will those I've technically already done autopop, or will I just have to refulfill requirements?

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The playstation licence works for both ps4 and ps5, you won't need to buy anything (you can confirm this by checking the mogstation)


As for the trophies, you just need to install the ps4 version and do one requirement for the each trophy to pop (like do one fate for the fate trophies, one levequest for the leves trophy etc...)


Of course trophies like doing Bahamut coil means you need to do the trial again (hopefully for that one you just need to solo unsyc turn 5)

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