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Baker Dozen trophy fairly easy way


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Hello guys I wanted to share my personal experience with baker dozen which requires 13 kills with bread.First of all best way is to pick beginner mode and wait for map The fall of Lionspire. Find better playing as Mason but I think couple of kills are doable even for Agatha as for Mason you can keep getting bread until last 2 catapults have to be destroyed than spawn is too far to reach. You have to pick a secondary weapon that has at least quater or half of damage dealing hit once and than throw bread. Working best with bots as they are using regular classes.Beginner mode is better because its only 4-5 people in each team rest is filled up with ai(bots). Ive managed to get trophy just in 2 matches as had no luck with free for all. Video is just to show infinite spawn location of bread and was made it practice mode only trophies are disabled in this mode so dont even try to attempt it there. Thanks hope it will help someone.



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