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[Video] ? Platinum Walkthrough | ENCODYA


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Neo Berlin, 2062. Tina, a nine-year-old orphan, lives with SAM-53, her huge and clumsy robot guardian, in a makeshift rooftop shelter in Neo Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by big business. Tina is a girl from the urban jungle who has learned to live alone, rummaging through city dumps and making a living from what they found in the scrap metal. Her funny robot always accompanies her and was programmed to protect her from her no matter what.


One day, the girl discovers that her father left him an important mission: to complete her plan to prevent the world from turning gray! Tina and SAM embark on an incredible adventure through different realities filled with strange robotic creatures and grotesque humans. Through puzzles and exciting dialogues, they will discover the true meaning of living.


  • Explore the dark cyberpunk world of ENCODYA in 2.5D with 2 playable characters.
  • Over 34 non-playable characters bring the world and history of ENCODYA to life.
  • More than 100 locations to discover and explore.
  • Randomization of some puzzles to create a unique experience.
  • Cinematic scenes.
  • Masterful sound art and design.
  • A soundtrack that creates an exciting atmosphere.




  • Estimated Difficulty: 2/10 (with guide)
  • Trophies: 16 Trophies.
  • Online Trophies: 0 Trophies.
  • Approximate Time: 3 Hrs.
  • Missing Trophies: No (following the guide
  • Glitch Trophies: No.
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No.
  • Price: € 29.99
  • Different Lists: Yes: x2 - PS4 (EU & NA).


First of all, I want to clarify that you have enough time to get the trophy to finish the game in less than 4 hours according to the trophy, 4:30 Hrs. based on the internal achievement of the game. There may be some glitches in the game if we do things very quickly or force things quickly, it is possible that this "crashes" the game, if this happens you will have to close and reopen the game to continue normally, you can play Both Easy and Hard with this guide, although it is based on the hard difficulty.


In time it runs at all times except when we have the game paused and in the loading screens, a good thing, since we just have to press options and the counter will stop. We can also skip all the cinematics although it will not really be necessary, as well as the dialogues with the different characters in the game, keeping in mind that there are questions that you must answer in a correct order, so you must be careful when talking to other characters.


Regarding completing the game without using clues in Hard mode, there will be no option, therefore, it is the one that I recommend so as not to use clues inadvertently, if you play in Easy, keep in mind that we should not talk to your partner more than twice in a row or it will release a hint just like the queries in the options menu.


Now I can only say that you follow my video step by step and you will have no problem getting all the trophies and / or achievements of this game.

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