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Not a player trophy glitched

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I already got it. For some reason I need to reload save 2 times. Also my counter bugged then. One time I got 6 dated girlfriends before I even date all, but after I got on date with "7th" (which in stat menu still show me that I have 6 girls on date), trophy popped. Maybe another weird bug in this game. I think I accidentally made it while glitching Millie dates on gym.

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So reloading the save file twice then going on all the dates again will work? I'm having this same issue. I dated all 6 potential girlfriends but the trophy didn't pop?



EDIT : I  can confrim if the trophy doesnt pop. reload the save file twice then go on a date with each girlfreind again . The trophy should pop after the 6th date.

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