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Figured I'd start a thread for tips about getting some of the characters done.  It may help you, and some of this could be patched in a future update.  A lot of this game can come down to save-scumming good runs, which if you're going for 100%, should absolutely be taken advantage of.


General tips:

- The knife pieces you collect from Chapter 2 and 4 can be used as extra DPS for the Beast/other fights once fully assembled.

- Going down the alt path will give you an extra item in the item rooms.  This can be greatly beneficial for any run, so make sure to save-scum so that you can pick up the better items on offer.

- While tedious, restarting runs (R3 + R1 + L3 + L1) until you get a good item can almost guarantee success.  Do this along with save-scumming if you aren't sure how the floor is going to go so that you can  maximise your chance of beating the run.


Tainted Jacob:

- After Dark Esau spawns, kill him and during the death animation where a hand comes up from the ground to take him, pause your game and exit to the main menu.  Then hit continue - Dark Esau no longer spawns for that floor and you can continue like a regular run.


Tainted Lost:

- This isn't actually that hard due to the way the game will give you better items overall, but save scumming after using the holy card can really help for tough situations, particularly when going for end game bosses like Delerium and Beast.


Tainted Lazarus:

- This is an absolute pain.  So far my only "method" for getting even semi-successful with this is to pump all of the synergy/damage into either dead or alive Lazarus, and then keep the other at around enough damage so that you can save-scum through a few of the endgame rooms.  It's not great but hopefully with the upcoming patch for consoles this one will be easier.

- Possibly a bug, but getting the cursed death card duplicates the skeletons that spawn on every flip, so you can quick quickly steamroll a floor.  This also works with Swarm and other fly/spider generating items like the Wig/Guppy's Head etc.


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