[Video] Platinum Trophy Guide! (PS4/PS5)

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Overall difficulty is 1/10 and this game is honestly very easy if you just follow the guide. Kinda "over the top" game if you ask me though HAHA.

1. Hurry up.

1. Swimming.

1. Why is it abandoned.

1. Apologize.

2. Why are you discouraging me?

2. You like worried.

1. Keep going. 

1. Keep asking her questions. 

1. I have no doubt.

2. Tarot cards.

1. Its fine really.

2. It's worth a shot.

2. I don't remember.

2. What was it like years ago?

1. I should worry.

1. Say something.

2. Alright, alright.

1. It'll be fine. 

1. But it was fun

1. Take a deep breath.

1. Yes, I did.







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