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[VIDEO] 100% Walkthrough


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Kinduo is a game where two elemental friends overcome obstacles to return to their island.
Push boxes, use electricity to connect objects, break ice blocks, blow things up and more in this cute and colorful game!
For anyone who likes platform puzzle games, it’s a joyful, relaxing experience complete with adorable pixel art, and addictive game mechanics.


The game has 30 levels in total and you need to play all of them. There is also one secret level that is available immediately after last level in the game.

Also, there is one semi missable trophy(easter egg on level 25), but if you miss it you can always choose level select from the main menu.

You can jump with cross button and use eletricity with square button. To switch characthers press triangle button.

Along the way you will pick up few new abillities such as dash and ability to break ice.

The other trophies are for destroying a grave, flowers and snowman with your abillities. Just press square button with yellow characther once you are near them.


Here is full walkthrough:

00:0001:12 Levels 1-5

01:1304:24 Levels 6-10

04:2508:17 Levels 11-15

08:1814:33 Levels 16-20

14:3421:04 Levels 21-25

21:0526:47 Level 26 – 30

26:4829:29 Secret level




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