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Quick Text Trophy Guide ?


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This game doesn't really need a guide as such but since this game is a quick and easy 100% that you can do in 10-15 minutes, I thought I'd bring some attention to this actually decent title, despite having 6 trophies literally called Victory.


The "Victory" trophies are simply referring to killing enemy planes, but the trophies unlock even if the AI downs an enemy, so if a trophy randomly pops, that's why, and the "Level Complete" trophies are exactly what they say. (If you get shot down, the amount of levels you've done are cumulative, so you don't need to do all 5 in one go) 


So in summary, complete 5 levels and shoot down 6 enemy planes and you have another easy 100% for your list. (this game has 2 stacks btw if you're interested) ? Happy hunting! ?

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