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Easier Cheesier Skirt Destroyer Method


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Note: The short of it if you comprehend it immediately is that you can brush your finger left and right rapidly on the mouse-pad while spamming the L2.


For everyone else who needs a breakdown, the best way to unlock this trophy is with 2 controllers and to play offline versus. 

First you will select Candy of course and for player 2, it doesn't really matter.

As Candy, you simply have to beat player 2 controller 10 times and spam the rematch button. 

Once you have 10 victories, you can choose between both characters to either brush your finger rapidly left and right on the mouse-pad (on your ps controller) and spam L2 with Candy or you can swap the process with the mouse-pad and L2 with the other character (It's also an attack move) 


Either way, your odds of Candy destroying her own armour have increased and/or if you are using the other character to chip away her armour, the effect of the damage targeting her armour seems to be more apparent for whatever reason.


Also Note: You can use this mouse/spam technique to remove Grace's armour as well. It's easier with this method.

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