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Shoebill question

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Does it matter if I give the shoebill fish until it's full or try to get it the first time which one it wants? I've reloaded so many times and it seems to change and never is the first choice, I just want to make sure before I use a bunch of fish. I read that once you give it all the fish you get an accessory but to reload if you give it too many fish, so I'm not sure what information is accurate, especially since the first time I saw it I gave it a few fish and now those options are grayed out

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This is probably necro'd by now lol, but in case you haven't figured it out yet, you can only give a fish once per playthrough.  There are milestones based upon how many types of fish given.  There are 24, not counting the 4 special big 'king' fish.  The order you give of those 24 is irrelevant.  As for the 4 unique ones, they give prizes based upon each fish, but again, order doesn't matter.

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