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Trick to make some of the Challenges easier


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I struggled like hell to beat the last level in the Hardcore Challenge. Then I found a trick to make it easier to defend from the red dudes' bullets.


When playing, stand on a chair and hold Start on the move controller. This will center your character to a high point. Then get down on the floor and lay down, on your back. Your character in game should be just under the floor, which shields you from enemy bullets. 

To attack the Red Dudes from this position, simply use mind wave over and over, waiting for the ability to cool down each time, until all red dudes are killed.

When finished, sit up, grab a gun, and shoot the pyramid to advance before laying back down.


This trick worked for me, beating the last level on the Hardcore challenge. It should probably work for 'No guns' and 'No Death' challenges too, but I haven't tried them yet.

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