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We need to talk - Requirements


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I got the plat yesterday. Since I only needed to look into the paper into Steinbeck's pocket, I did almost all things random. To my surprise, I got the note from the chief inspector!


My run is summarized below:


Erica's Flat

Rip the paper after Blake arrives / Question / Relevance


At Delphi House

Answer the Telephone (but then I went outside)

~Back inside the Delphi House~

  • Thanks
  • Sorry...

I did not annoy Kirstie and selected Back Off / Music / Get Help


My conversation with Lucien was different, but I also did not do the experiment.


I made perfume with Hannah, got the matches but did not inspect any paper

~The Next Day~

  • Hannah?
  • Is he dead?
  • Is the skin his?
  • (other answer)


Back at Erica's Flat

I inspected the picture frame twice (to spy on Blake)

I did not answer the phone.

  • went through the left door
  • Inspected Steinbeck's arm
  • Inspected Steinbeck's left shirt pocket
  • Inspected Steinbeck's face
Back at Delphi House
I answered Hannah's question and gave Tobi the box.
At the Chief Inspector's House I questioned (not the Delphi House?) and recognized Mia. The last two answers I don't remember.
Hope this helps to plan future runs.


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