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Tips for the game


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First off, this is a pretty fun game! Don’t be deterred If you are interested because it only had six trophies.

Here are some general tips for completion (which I’m still working on):


Never underestimate spots. They improve your facility ratings, unlock new facilities, get more transfer Students to your school, give more Research currency, and are the only way to unlock the teachers needed for Kairobot. 


Spot guide


For the winning in club activities, you only need to place 1st in one (confirmed by someone else who earned it) and here are the general three things you need to guarantee 1st place:


club with 30 spirit

a single student with maxed stats entered into the club
do the club activity at the beginning of the month so your students stats don’t drop.

Some other general tips:

-there’s a bulldoze item in facilities to destroy buildings and trees and it’s free to use.

-take advantage of tests to increase your tuition. Do them as soon and as fast as possible. You can save your game before starting them and reload if you fail.

-run special classes on your lowest grade students to increase their stats as often as possible.

-don’t level up teachers too fast. If you do, you might not be able to cover their salaries.


You only need to make it to year 10 for running a school for a long time. Each year takes about a half hour. 





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