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Clan of Cave Raccoon masks glitch

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So, I've been following this guide https://www.gamesradar.com/sly-cooper-thieves-time-sly-mask-locations-guide/5/


I have went through all the areas at least 8 times and I have gotten all masks but in my progress it says 10/11 masks acquired.

I have played the mini game also many times and the mask does not appear since i've got it neither do the masks in the missions or in the hub world.

Googling for a solution I found a user on reddit claiming they got a glitch on that world as well but there were no solutions to this. Anyone else having this problem?

I did not have this problem with all the other worlds. This is the last mask i need for the trophy.

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21 hours ago, harm_1994 said:

the one on the penguin statue on the south side.

I stood on the wrong penguin beak because i didn't watch the video.

I did yesterday and found the last one there.

omg? i was on the wrong penguin statue too!! and all this time i thought i got that mask on the beak but it was in the nearest beak in the hideout hidden by the trees?? 

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