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[VIDEO] 100% Platinum Walkthrough


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Cosmos Bit 100% Platinum Walkthrough - Trophy / Achievement Guide


Hello trophy hunters and welcome to cosmos bit. This game is published and it comes in 4 stacks for now at the price of 5$. This is your usual metroidvania game that can be tricky if you don’t know what to do or if you don’t like this type of games. First things first, controls are really basic. You can jump with cross button, shoot with square button and aim with analog sticks. To interact with stations and levers you can use down on dpad.
There are blue, yellow and purple orbs in the game. You can collect them by shooting at the stones. They are very important because that is how you build your character and become stronger. The game does not have manual save, but instead you must reach station where you can exchange orbs for manual save. Each station sometimes asks for different orbs but for the save is never more than two which is very easy to get them. That leads me to the first advice – always save. You don’t need to worry about upgrades, everything will come at perfect time, but with saving the game always you will save yourself from lot of frustration. Also in first 20 minutes you are very weak and just progress slowly. Try to take out every enemy and then continue going. Controls are not really the best, so that is the safest way. You start only with three lives but you can upgrade them up to 6 with collecting orbs. In total you need to kill 150 aliens and these are the trophies you are going to get really quickly. Other trophies are for collecting map, powerups and defeating 3 different bosses. Boss battles are really easy, easier than main game, but sometimes way to them can be harder if you don’t save your lives. I will leave chapters here so you can easily follow every single section and where you need to go.
I hope the guide was helpful and for any questions, I am here. Please take a look at more guides on my channel and subscribe if you are interested. Goodbye for now!



00:00 - 04:28 Finding a map

04:29 - 09:20 Finding an alien bomb

09:21 - 17:11 Your first power up

17-12 - 25:54 First boss & Jet pack

25:55 - 33:08 Second Boss & Sonic Boom weapon

33:09 - 46:44 Third Boss and Final powerup

46:55 - 47:56 ID CARD & Platinum trophy

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