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Houston We Have Perfection and Lights Out

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Houston We Have Perfection


These two were the hardest two trophies in the game for me, and cause for a lot of rage.  Especially Houston We Have Perfection.  I tried looking and cannot find a screenshot to point out the mark, yet there is a tiny reference on screen you can use to try and guide yourself.  This took several tries probably 25 to do, so annoying, threw the controller twice....so f&&king stupid!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!! 


Should you be brave enough or foolish enough to try, you will first have to learn how to fly a Lunar Module from NASA, and then you have to avoid being shot during your run, and then you need to land on the landing pad at 0 or 1 M/S....in fu*king space of course, and land DEAD CENTER on the pad.  I got F, D, C, B and eventually A.  


Do this on Quick Play level 7 Zoom Pow.  Do not do the minigame, the maps are different and the minigame has a cavern you have to go through, it's not worth the hassle.  Do not do this in a 2 player game, if you do one of the controllers 1st I believe is propulsion and the 2nd is pitch/yaw or roll.  I say this and yet I'm like my first playthrough I'm sure I did it with 2 controllers because I beat the Co Op game first.


To fly you are going to realize that it's like swaying back and forth, and will find out tapping the button will work better than holding it.  It's going to take some time to get used to it, and to add more insult to injury if you ever go off the screen as the damn game guides you along this path...you have 8 seconds...if the screen doesn't catch up or you don't get back on screen the game will auto destroy you.  Say it with me....so f&cking stupid!!!!!  


Lets skip ahead, so assuming you have learned to fly decent enough and can do it without being hit, you now have the joy of trying to land.  It's really hard, and its hard to even give advice on this.  If I remember correctly as I don't have the game in front of me, like X is propulsion and the L3 stick tapping it left or right creates side boost.  One time I tried feathering the propulsion to hell and hitting left and right on the L3 to try and get it centered and straight at the same time...still failed.  I want to be clear here to, you don't just have to land in that circle on the pad, you need to be dead center!


Eventually after many failed attempts you are going to realize that coming in at a very slight angle and then correcting it near the end with the L3 kind of worked, not great by any means!  So in the front of the landing pad facing the screen there is what appears to be 2 little prongs, it makes me think its a ladder.  That ladder is dead center, without looking too closely I would suspect that there is also like 2 little marks or arrows on the bottom of the Lunar Module, if you line it up perfect you will get the A and the trophy.  B or anything else and you didn't get it.


Almost as bad as getting it dead center is getting your speed down.  So HARD..I mean there were at least 3 times where I'm like feathering so fast the speed is adjusting 0/1 0, 1, 0, 1, and then I let it land and it goes to 2 M/S and I'm like WTF!!!!!!  You literally have to nurse that thing the whole way down, just feather and if you ever notice you are not on the right course, then hold that button down and get that propulsion going again so you can raise yourself up and try again.


Added pain for this trophy, you only have a limited amount of gas so you can't keep trying to straighten up before eventually you have to land or crash.




Lights Out


For Lights Out you cannot be killed during the boss fight with Old Berney on Stage 2.  I tried about 12 times even after reading the guide on the other site before I got it.  Then, the 1 time I did it without dying, I never even got hit.  The boss fight is in 3 phases, I will explain below:  Before the fight try to get killed by the enemies in the screen right before this if you don't have full life.


1 - Anchor Stage, phase 1 it will open a turret like window and shoot an Anchor at you, once you see the Anchor fly from the window by motion of a rope in the distance, run and jump to the right.  If you are hit by the Anchor you're DEAD!  Retry Level.  Once the Anchor lands you need to shoot it, or use your grenades on it.  I use the grenades here because I don't see them useful elsewhere.  2 enemies will come from the right, and then 2 from the left screen.  The right are always standing/running, the left are typically 1 standing and 1 kneeling shooting.  I think the Anchor lets loose when it takes enough damage and a certain time has passed.  If that is the case just be careful and try not to take simple damage from enemy shots.  (Even though that will be the least of your problems)  - EASY


2 - Missile Stage, phase 2 will have it opening up some side rocket launchers.  Get in the middle, hold L1 and R1 so your guy stands still and shoot from top left to top right.  The missiles will always come down in that order...always!  You have to shoot them to deflect them back to Old Berney.  After each set of missiles there will be a few enemies coming from the right and left, I'm pretty sure the pattern never changes, so shoot them as quick as possible in between missile strikes.  If a single Missile hits you, you're dead, Retry Level.  - Still EASY


3 - F*cked Up Stage, phase 3 I have no idea what to call it.  You will be dealing with Cannonballs that you had to deal with earlier in the level, yet these do more damage - not one shot kills, Missiles, standard enemies who come out not after yet while the Missiles are shot, and a stupid blinding effect that inverses your damn controls.  Which lasts only a little bit...yet during enemy attack and cannonball attack.   At first will come enemies shoot them, someone will drop a Machine Gun power up, grab it if you want.  Then you are going to be blinded causing your controls to go backward on you, always kill the enemies as fast as possible.  Then see the image I put below, you have to stand directly under a cannonball in order to shoot it and not get hurt.  I didn't understand from the guide on the other site where they meant so I screenshotted a picture and marked the exact spot to stand, the red box below.  Since you will be confused/blinded at this time you need to press down and shoot so you shoot up and destroy the cannonball before it hits you.  Then the missiles come, again top left to top right, yet the enemies will come just a smidge before or during so try to be fast killing them.  Repeat this scenario until it is dead. - Hard & Annoying


The only decent thing about the spaceship trophy is that you don't have to replay the whole level to get to the spaceship scene to attempt it, if you fail against Old Berney...you have to do the whole damn stage over again....just for a chance.



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