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Masterminds and Elitist trophies


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Every trophy that didn’t auto pop correctly your pretty much gonna have to do the requirements again for that trophy but for Masterminds trophy it popped after doing the first set up on doomsdays act 1 and Elitist trophy popped for me when me and my team did the elite challenge on doomsday act 3 finale. Glad it worked out that way cause I really didn’t want to do all the requirements again for those two trophies. 

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3 minutes ago, simmias said:

Any idea why yours didn't transfer over correctly? Did you get a long loading screen on the transfer or anything?


Yes when I was migrating my character to online it was loading for 30 plus minutes so I closed app and when I came back on it let me go straight to a free roam session but never notified me that my character was successfully migrated over so only 5 or so online trophies popped and the rest didn't.

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