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Problem with Tanks With Benefits trophy


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Hi guys!

I am attempting to get a platinum i the game, but can't get one of the trophies out of my head. I've kept all of my crew from tier I to tier IX(i am close to research of tier X) but my crew only has 6 of 9 possible skills and it tells me that I need to get additional 2 milion exp to get to skill 9. Which is a lot, am I understanding this trophy wrong? Till this moment I havent even accumulated 2 mil up this moment and there's still 2 million ahead? Then what is the way to get it easily?

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Since it is tied to the trophy where you have to kill 3 tanks with an elite commander;


I'm close to my third Tier X tank and platinum and I just managed to get my commander to level 8 which took 600k XP just from 7 to 8, I also used all of my multiplier boosters which I gathered throughout events. Now I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that you need 1.5 million!!! XP for level 8 to 9, what the hell???

Is there any other way of gathering more commander XP or is there maybe an elite commander that you can just buy from the store?


This is the worst grind ever besides the five Tier X tanks trophy and I wish I would have gotten it before the trophy got updated 2 or 3 years ago

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