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Chug chug chug trophy issues

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On 3/21/2022 at 6:58 AM, Valens_ said:

Hi guys.

I have problem with this trophy, whenever I enter Inn, Rock is not there. I tired different time periods, read somewhere that he is supposed to be around 2 to 3 PM but he is never there.

Any suggestions?


This is pretty late but this is just for those in the future who are having trouble with this a well.


Make sure this is done during year two when Grant and his family moves in because the mashing is easier with him. You can also activate this with Hugh as well. For the triggers, it has to be evening, no overlapping events, the weather isn't rainy and they have to be in the lobby. Simply walk up to any of them during this time frame and they will ask for the challenge. If I recall from memory I think Tim and Ruby has to be there, leaning towards Tim because he calls the actual match.


A good strategy if you are having problem with villager schedules is to simply look up key location they hang out and stock and follow them when the time is near. For Rock in particular, just wait for him outside the inn because he doesn't come back home late. That guy from what I can remember doesn't sleep past 12 AM but does go to his room around 11 PM.

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