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Rocksmith Career/Tour mode?


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I think it could be cool, but I think I'd have to agree with KillCount.

While it is still a game, it's primarily a learning and practice tool. Its a great game and has gotten me to practice more often and excercise my techniques. They did a great job of implementing Guitarcade, Score Attack, etc. As great game-like elements that feel like games, but are basically a variety of warming up and excercising skills and muscle memory of the guitar.

So personally, I think a "tour mode" could be neat as a small bonus mode as long as they kept everything else about the game as a much higher importance/priority.

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Agreed :) but maybe it would be a fun mini guitarcade game and i think it would be another fun way to practise what we've learnt :)


I would love an online feature which included real time face off against friends (honestly only fun if you know them) and a Co-op where you can play a song together - bass and guitar.

But honestly the game does what it does and It's excellent, even those 'online features' I just mentioned probably wouldn't do much for the game.

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