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Supernova mini guide.


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I’ve just finished my supernova playthrough and thought I’d share a few thoughts. It’s not difficult at all and will only take maybe three hours max to complete so don’t be put off by it!


I sided with the board on my playthrough but I don’t think it matters too much. 

If you side with the board, make sure you have a decent lockpick skill. You’ll need a lockpick of 30 early on in the game so make sure you spec some points into that. 

You’ll need 100 lockpick and 100 hack by the end of the game in order to avoid a hard boss fight so bare that in mind. 

after edgewater (doesn’t matter who you leave in charge unless you have other story trophies left to get) you can pick the lock on the safe in Gladys’ office to get udoms seal. If you can’t pick it without getting caught, just kill Gladys and her guards and pick the lock in your own time!


Apparently there’s a trick to avoid going to Monarch too but I never figured it out. 

after Monarch, on Tarturus you’ll want to follow this guide https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4F9viHX1STI to get three passwords and then make sure you have 100 lockpick and hack to hack R.A.M and avoid a hard fight. Don’t forget that you can reset all your skills on the unreliable if you need to. Make sure you have a high persuade skill so that you can get the prisoner ID for your camouflage device.


If you’re siding with Welles you’ll need a persuade skill of 100 by the end of the game but won’t need such high hack and lockpick skills.


You can avoid the missions on Rosewater by just flying to cascadia and running to stellar bay. You don’t need the navkey from Gladys. 




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I had really good luck using the Pacifist speedrun guide included in the Trophy Walkthrough. It lets you skip from Groundbreaker to The Hope bypassing Monarch completely. There is a comment below the video from Dan Geer that outlines a checklist in case the speed runner goes too quick and you miss what they did. Most conversations are just the top option and leaving the conversation as soon as possible.


The only annoying part is getting the Seal for Udom out of Gladys safe. Even in the exact spot the speed runner was with a sugary drink buff, I couldn't get the seal out without Gladys noticing me so I had to reload a couple times. I used TTD just before 50% through the lock pick and was able to finish the pick and quickly grab the Seal before Gladys put me into a Dialogue where I needed to skill check her into ignoring me. She let me go and I continued to Udom. I didn't have a problem with luring Sophia's assistant to the locked office, but again had to skill check for him to ignore me so I could print the key.


All in all, my hard/supernova run took about 45 minutes.

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I actually found that's more than possible even without an optimal strategy.  Otherwise you're either constrained to very specific choices and character builds, or have to go for a ton of grinding.  


I was able to beat RAM by using a ton of consumables(I used Nyoka and Sam).  The revive perks also help, as they do work on supernova. I think I had a level 23 or so sniper rifle, anything higher would require way too many bit carts for the upgrade.


Also, one thing that helps a whole lot, and I'm shocked you didn't mention this, CAFFEINE.  Caffeine satisfies sleep and reduces the need to return to your ship.  And while this may go without saying, you'll want to swim both sides for most of the game in order to maximize your experience, you do not want to end up in Tartarus at level 25 after all.


Personally, it feels like this game was built for supernova mode, it's the most fun I've ever had playing this game, it actually makes the combat and balancing systems enjoyable.   I think people should give supernova a try, it makes a lot of otherwise redundant and useless consumables actually useful, put actual weight on how you balance your character, it makes the combat feel not only like an actual challenge, but actually deep.


One more thing, in the beginning hit and run tactics can and should be used as much as possible.  Even on supernova enemies will eventually de-aggro.  You might also instinctively believe that you should avoid partners, resist this train of thought.  Even using the perk that boosts your stat when you're alone won't compensate enough.  And you'll absolutely want to exploit active time dilation as much as you can.  On easier settings it's a novelty that's maybe interesting but not that useful, not so on supernova.

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