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Warning: multi-player can corrupt save data


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So, I know very little people are playing this. But just to share my experience...


Decided to join a couple boss sessions and, one time while connection I got stuck on an infinite loading screen. Waited for 10 minutes. Nothing. Closed out the game, loaded back up. Everything is fine. 


A couple hours later, I decided to do it again, got into one. It was cool, slayed the damn thing. Then I go to join another one. Another infinite loading screen. This time, when I close out the game and load up my file, that's ALL it does. It loads and loads and loads and loads....it's been 20 minutes and I can't even load up my God damn game. I can see my character and everything on the load game screen, but it won't load up. And I'm sure I'm going to have to either wait for a miracle patch (if that's even possible) or start fresh. 


Fortunately, I got through two thirds of the game in 7 and a half hours...and if I start over I know more of how to build my character and where to go. But still like. Damn. 


PS: not worth 40 dollars. Wait until it's 20 AT MOST. Fun otherwise. I do enjoy it. Just wish I waited until it was on sale or something...

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