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Anyone else have this issue?


When fighting the boss on stage 16, first phase, when he does the screen wide insta death beam, sometimes you can attack him. Sometimes you can't. It's like he is either immortal on accident or the immortal switch fails.


Also, I got several trophies for multiplayer, but they did not appear in the dojo.


Edit: Interestingly, I got the dojo trophies (not PSN trophies) to pop after playing more MP. I restarted my PS4 and they are gone again.

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1 hour ago, Pachomar said:

In multiplayer sometimes the stages freeze right at the beggining (usually if some animation is supposed to happen). Sadly, the only option is to leave and restart


Happening to everyone, this is making it practically impossible to beat arcade without losing a credit starting from the beginning in online multiplayer when you aren't the host.

Only choice is to join someone else's game when they are on Stage 13 or so and then just hope it doesn't freeze at the beginning of the stage, seems to happen like 20% of the time.


I also got the trophies for some trophies but they didn't appear in the dojo either.

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I got a new issue with this game. I started the game last weekend. Now the trophy "Beware Lawbreakers" dont want to unlock. Can someone explain me this? It is the last damn trophy for platinum. Yeah I've unlocked Casey Jones and damn yeah I play as him in the first level of Story Mode. But the trophy isn't unlocking. At the "ingame trophy-list" its done. I've delete the game, installed it again, start a new game, unlock Casey Jones again and start over and over and over egain the first level with him, but stil no trophy. Why the hell am I the only one with this stupid buggy trophies? First was Jak 2 , then Jak 3 and now this. XC

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Did you try on Arcade or joining any other game with Casey? If this doesn't help, any chance for another console? If not physical maybe you can ask someone you trust to get it on your account? It is really strange as this is one of the most obvious trophies. At least not that messed up like Super Shredder and One Coin one.

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