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Bug 500 head and 1000?

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did someone skip the 500 heads at the same time as the 1000? It turns out that I was boosting it with 2 ps4 towards 34 per game It seemed strange to me that it didn't jump the 500 I kept doing it for about 4 hours and it still didn't jump I thought the private game was bugged I created another private game I killed the 4 cpu without the 2 console in the game and at the end both trophies jumped at the same time did this happen to someone?

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5 hours ago, AllefWesker94 said:

Algunos miembros del grupo no aumentan el pvp, juegan rápido o lo hicieron con bots, cuando trabajabas con bots que contaban una partida como si no aumentaras.

It will be that if this game has enough bugs I also recommend not putting it in the military squad not having ammunition since they are left with a knife and the squad bugs sometimes

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