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"Untouchable" not working?


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Hi everyone,


Has anyone had any trouble with "Untouchable" on PS5?

I dont recall having any issue with this trophy when the PS4 version came out.

I've done around 5 to 6 tasks without damage in a row now,  but the tracker in the menu wont move..

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If you accept a task any damage counts against it even if you are not actively tracking it. So either accept the task and complete it straight away or for an even easier time check the materials needed under your profile then take these with you, that way you can often start and end a task without moving (eg bridges and road blocks).  This worked for me on both ps4 and ps5.


Since the last update, trophies autopop when you transfer a save (update both versions and open the save on ps4 first to update it) so you could also do this.

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More info.
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I know the post is a bit old by now, but just so others don't worrie. I got it 22 Oct 2022 without any problems, or doing it in any special way.

Just take it slow (like it's possible to do anything fast in this game ?), and it will pop in the end.

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