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Is there any online activity for the PS4 version?


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On 27. 06. 2022. at 9:35 PM, Umdytr said:

I want to start this game and go for 100%, but I'm wondering whether the online trophies are going to be a nightmare in looking for boosting partners or they're actually doable naturally.

I played it last year and online is pretty much dead. Some trophies can be done with 2 players but for some you gonna need all 4. At the start there were 3 of us that was boosting we were hoping to find 4th one with matchmaking but it was really hard to find someone, we were matchmaking for hours and sometimes when someone joins usually they leave in the middle of the match. So without having 3 other players with you to boost that it will be next to impossible to earn those trophies. Trophy requirements aren't that difficult when boosting but it will take a lot of time especially if you're returning favour to other players so they can earn those trophies as well you're looking at good 30 to 40 hours of boosting.

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