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Yoga Class

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Anyone have a definite correct answer on how to get the Yoga Class trophy? I’ve just played the game for the 4th time and I cannot get it to pop.


people have said you have to:

  • never skip cutscenes
  • never skip dialogue
  • never double click to move locations
  • never touch R1 to reveal the interactive spots.

Some people have said they’ve gotten this trophy even when they have been skipping dialogue and holding R1. But I’ve been following all these rules and have nothing from it.

some have even said to make sure to do the White Rabbit trophy with Morpheus and exhaust all dialogue with the hermit to make sure but the result was no different.


either they’ve changed what is required for the trophy, or it’s glitched but I have DEFINITELY done what was asked. 3 times.


I need answers, it’s the only one I’m missing and I really don’t wanna waste another 2 hours on a 5th playthrough for it to still not work!

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I've played the game twice.


1st playthrough I skipped cutscenes and dialogue. I didn't double click but I did use R1.


2nd playthrough I didn't skip cutscenes but did dialogue. I didn't double click or use R1. 


Unfortunately I'll need to play a third time, hopefully it'll unlock and I'll say what I did to possibly help others in the future. 




Damn, a third playthrough and I never skipped cutscenes, dialogue, double click or use R1 and no trophy unlocked. I even deleted my save to start a fresh one. 

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I left the game for some time and I finally unlocked the trophy and platinum. 


I deleted my save file.

Deleted and reinstalled the game.


This ended up being my fifth playthrough, four on PS5 and one I tried unsuccessfully on PS4. 


I did everything you should for the PC version, I didn't skip cutscenes or dialogue, didn't double click into areas or use hotspots. 


YAY it unlocked. 


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Posted (edited)

I did get it eventually. Some reason what did it for me was just playing the game again exactly the same way as before, not skipping anything, never pressing R1. But this time playing it on my PS5 instead of the PS4 I originally attempted it on.

either that made a difference or I’d simply got lucky with trial and error.


All in all it was my 3rd of 4th play-through doing exactly the same thing so I don’t know why anything should have been different on this occasion.

At least after a few runs you can end up knowing the game well enough for a full play-through skipping nothing to take barely a couple of hours.


It’s a decent modern adventure game, but this trophy was a pain.

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