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Neverwinter Graceyard Scrying orb


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Anyone have any idea why I can't jump up to the area where the Orb is in Craftsman's Rest? i have checked multiple guide videos and the fandom page with all the orb locations and my character physically cannot jump up to the location.  My first thought is that my character is a dwarf... and all the videos I see are taller character models and that dwarves just cannot get up there. 


FYI first one listed here: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Neverdeath_Graveyard_Scrying_Stones_Map

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I had to use my mount, my mage, and my time (spent about 45 minutes). There is a little nook that you kinda of have to hit and you can get up, but it's a true trial of patience. If you can figure out how to the trophy for the Orbs since some of the areas are gone, please tell me. I kind of want to finish this platinium.

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