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Mini Review Forest Legends

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I actually thought this was going to be like a hidden object game, yet it wasn't.  It was more of a puzzle point and click game.  There is a guide, and someone made a full walkthrough on pstrophies.org.  I used the walkthrough to know where to go and what to pick up, thought it would be a relatively quick game, and it was.  I used it for everything except the puzzles, save the Bell puzzle as I was confused as to what the hell was going on.  I had an idea yet you had to turn the bells a specific way to get 2 rows of bells below the pictures to line up.  When you turned a bell it turned 4 of them, so needless to say it was not easy without guide advice.


The last puzzle of the game actually was fairly challenging, and there was no assistance in the guide, probably because its too hard to explain.  It what looks like an old or mideival chinese checkers board you need to get 5 different little marbles in exact spots on the board, you can move around 5 of the 20 or so marbles on the board at the same time.  However its really challenging because so many things move at the same time.  Took about 1/2 hour and all of a sudden it just happened.  I can see this puzzle as stopping people from completing the game.


The story is alright, yet basic.  The graphics are actually pretty clear, except near the beginning when they do these cardboard character cut outs of the woman and felize(halfman/halfcat).  The games map does tell you where the next objective is, so even without a walkthrough it can be done, however it would be incredibly challenging figuring out where everything goes.  While games like this are interesting, I think some of the figuring things out or mystery of it is incredibly challenging, several times during the playthrough I was like "no way someone would figure that out without a guide".  There are also not a lot of clues to help get you going or where to next.  


Play it if you really like puzzles, otherwise its probably not for you.

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