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Character Endings Guide

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So, I know this released 6 years ago. But I decided to come back to it to go for the platinum. Apparently, I only got Miki's ending and had to figure out how to get the rest of them with the most efficient time possible. After going through multiple forums online and reading the trophy guide on this site and that site, I'd like to give a one stop shop for endings information. 


I'm going to detail how I went about it, and I'm sure it will work for other people. 


Note: I did this on a fresh playthrough for the Universe difficulty trophy. Now, you should be able to do what I did, maybe with different numbers of Love Potions and Emotional Destabilizers. 


Step 0: If you are going through a fresh playthrough, I DID NOT do any Private Actions at all. I did however do about 90% of the side quests. I don't know if doing side quests makes more Private Actions appear or not. 


Step 1: Get to the point in the story where you have to go to sleep on the ship to finish the story. Chapter 11. 

 Make a save before going to sleep!


Step 2a: If you dont have the Miki Ending then i suggest just playing through and finish it and start follow this on the Universe playthrough. It's up to you though. 


Step 2b: If you already have the Miki Ending, then feed her about 180 Emotional Destabilizers. Thats right. 180. So make sure you have Ruddles shop in Central Resulia Inn (by doing the 3 ruddle side quests. They aren't missable at this point of the story, I don't think....)  and buy 99 Demons Tails. Then go to Santeroule and buy 99 Empty Bottles from the magic card shop lady. And then sit your ass down in front of any usable item shop lady and buy 20 Lavender. Make 20 Emotional Destabilizers, give them to Miki and repeat until you gave her about 180 of them. You will have to go back to Ruddle and the card shop lady. 

Then take the time to make 20 Love Potions. I used a tactic (rather expensive, but it's easy to get 50k Fol per fight in the signicillia with maxed out Scavenger and Miser roles. The usable item Vitalitea fills a reserve guage by 100% fol gain.) Where at Ruddles Shop you can buy 99 Alchemist waters, and 99 Dwarven embroidery threads. Use 4 Dwarven threads, and 2 alchemist waters in the synthesis menu. It's best to save before hand. And then try about 10 to 15 times. I know it's tedious. But you can either make a love potion, or a Lezards flask which is an ingredient for a love potion. Anytime you make one within those tries, save your game. Or else you'll be spending a hell of a lot of fol. 


Step 3a: If you did Private Actions along the way, skip down to Step 4

Step 3b: If you didn't do any of the Private Actions, you have to now take a couple hours to go through them all. What I did was I went through them in order of town. Starting with Sthal, I enter the whistle, listen to the dialogues, then exit in the whistle. Enter the training hall, then exit so a new whistle would appear. (You have to leave and come back for more Private Actions to appear) Repeat until all Private Actions are exhausted (no whistle appears). And in order I went 

1. Stahl

2. Myiddok 

3. Central Resulia

4. Santeroule

5. Eastern Trei'kur

6. Charles D. Goale

After when the ship Private Actions were finished, I went back through that list again cause more showed up. And after going through 

Three times they stopped showing up. 


Step 4: Now that youve prepped, make another save or overwrite that save before sleeping, giving no one any Emotional Destabilizers or love Potions, go to sleep. And enter the transport room. Whomever is standing by the big ass window on the transport deck will be the ending you get. If it's Miki, then feed her another 20 Emotional Destabilizers, save, and check again until it's not her. When someone else appears this will be you're "Do nothing" ending. Meaning don't give anyone any items and you'll get it. (Special note for relia, will get there soon) 

Then experiment, reload the save, and give that person who showed up for "do nothing" 10 or 20 Emotional Destabilizers and see who shows up next. Follow that logic until you have figured out how many Emotional Destabilizers needed for each person to get the desired outcome. 

Note: You should not need any more than 20 Love portions, so experiment with how many Emotional Destabilizers needed as they are a hell of a lot quicker and easier to make. 

For example

If you didn't do Private Actions until the end like Step 3b, perhaps you'll be like my formula. Although answers given during Private Actions may affect this. But the amount given to certain people might be similar 

     1) do nothing. Emmerson Ending. (I also gave Relia 20 Love Potions during the "do nothing ending" as her ending is solely dependent on how high her affection level is indepently. It can come up after anyones ending if hers is high enough. Since I didn't have to give anyone anything, I fed her the 20 Love Potions during Emmersons ending. Relias happens after the characters ending scene. If it says "fin" on the bottom right of the screen after the character ending, you gotta feed her more than 20 Love Potions. 

    2) Give Emmerson 20 Emotional Destabilizers. Fiore Ending. 

    3) Give Emmerson and Fiore 10 Emotional Destabilizers each. Victor's ending. 

   4) Give Emmerson, Fiore, and Victor 20 Emotional Destabilizers each. AND give Anne 20 Love Potions. Anne's Ending. 


Step 5: Now that you know how many of what you need to give. Simply reload your save where you've done nothing, and go to sleep and follow the story. You will eventually enter a place called "Kronos Sickle" or something like that. After you fight the plant like abomination, you'll see a purple portal that will allow you to travel back to Fidels house in Sthal. Do it, and make a save in his room. This save is for endings that require more than 20 Emotional Destabilizers and 20 Love Potions. for me, I only had to do it for Anne's ending. 


Step 6: Continue along another 5 minutes past the 5 enemy encounters, and you'll see an obvious save point in front of a more obvious final boss. Make a Seperate save here, apart from Fidels room. And from this save point you can plug in your formula from the window scene. I can guarantee that during my playthrough, I got Emmerson at the window on the ship, made it to this save, gave him and Firoe 10 Emotional Destabilizers, and got the trophy for Victor's ending. And the second cue that you got the desired ending, is when the Transmorgified Alma battle starts, he kills off your party, and that character was the first to say something. And when I went for other endings at that save, they appeared first during that cutscene.

The Fidels house save was for character(s) that needed more than 20. So you can go back to the ship, or Central Resulia, or whatever you needed to do to make more Emotional Destabilizers and/or Love Potions. For me it was Anne. 


So I hope that helps anyone, cause the information here is everything I've gathered from numerous sites. And these sites went back and forth on whether things worked, like manipulating affection at the last save rather than on the ship. I hope The Divine Force will be better than this, but it wasn't a bad time overall. Hope you liked the game guys. 

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