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Trick-ling brook radysus


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Anyone having problems with this at the moment? 

I’m sure I’ve met the requirements on so many runs. I’ve checked the few videos there are on YT and they are doing everything I’m doing. 

The only thing I can think of is that something has changed since those runs were done. I’ve tried doing only advanced and special tricks with the exception of a few of the walls on the last section because they are too fast to do anything else (kick flip/heel flip) but nothing seems to work.


Only other variables are I’m not doing it one combo and I’m restarting at checkpoints if I’m not sure I’ve done the trick already.

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Also the video attached to the trophy guide for this stage has two tricks repeated in the same run (Ollie on 4th & 13th wall, Impossible on 8th and 15th wall), not sure if this is some ongoing issue with this stage.



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I tried this challenge for hours (PS5) and met the reqs several times. Watched my replays/doing it in one Run/with use of Checkpoint/no ollie, kickflip, heelflip, ollie and No comply. My game also glitched once and started from scratch. 


If this challenge is also glitched i'll give Up.


Tricklist is like this: 15+2 

Casper Underflip

One Foot Impossible

Double Heelflip

540 Shove it

Double Kickflip

Dolphin Flip

Sal Flip

720 Flip



Varial Flip

360 Flip

540 Flip

Inward Flip

Varial Heel

Laser Flip

360 Backside Shove It


I watched every Walkthrough etc.


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