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Bing Bong Travel Along to Malduke - Trophy glitched


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I just completed the game, blindly, and I have seen that this trophy or the one related to the golems has not popped.


When I started the game, I knew that the second trophy, the golem trophy, several people have not been able to get it due to a problem related to save games or something similar. I can say that I have not used the "quick saves", only the normal game saves.


Has anyone else not got the first trophy? it's relative to the story, unmissable... I have old saves but I don't want to repeat sections at all because the save is "corrupted".


EDIT: ok platinum now. Searching in guides, I found in this guide (in Spanish) https://www.eliteguias.com/logrostrofeos/w/wild-arms.php that he got the trophy AFTER returning from Malduke, I hadn't even tried... Description wrongly explained or some of us pops later and others just when going to Malduke?

The trophy of beating all the golems, I had to load a save before beating Leviathan (lucky I had beaten him just before entering Ka Dingel) and beat him this time as the last golem.



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