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Tips and Thoughts on the Platinum After Just Finishing


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Difficulty wise, this is honestly a borderline 1/10. The alligators at the beginning of the game are the only danger in the entire game. The hunters can be challenging if you haven't discovered the evade button (its either R1 or R2). You can spam the evade and remain mostly invincible. Just swim in circles constantly evading, ramming the boats. I recommend regularly raising your infamy (you do this by destroying hunter boats), as this can be a rather tedious grind if you save it until end game. Plus, they give you some decent upgrades. Every time I'd be tasked with killing humans, I'd destroy hunter boats (they'll eventually arrive when the threat level rises) until it got boring.


My advice, for organ mutations, prioritize leveling your Sonar, Hearty, Adrenal Gland, and Mineral Digestion. These were the only organ mutations I used. I suggest Mineral Digestion as it gives you extra Minerals, which I found the be the only upgrade material I was ever low on. I always used the Shadow Teeth and I would use the Shadow Set for the collectables and the Bone Set w the Shadow Teeth for hunters.


And that is it. Turn off your brain and have a blast. The Plat took me 15 hours.

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