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How are people still getting trophies?


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I played for like 5-6 hours straight the other day and have made 0 progress on any trophies since the last update. I know the trophies are bugged but is there a work around? Like is offline mode a way to acquire the trophies? Anyone who recently got trophies I'd appreciate some help. Thanks

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For me some trophies got bugged before the update and after the update they stopped working completely for quite some time.

We picked up the game yesterday again and at least some kills and wins started registering randomly again, unlockong the 2,000 kills trophy for me and a few others for my buddy.

giving it some rest and trying again might be worth a try if you really want to play it.


The main issue though is that trophies with "tiers" seem to break easily and so far there has been no real fix yet.

E.g. there are several trophies for overall kills (10, 50, 100,...), if you find that one stops tracking and the higher "tier" trophy still works properly though, chances are the buggy trophy won't unlock at all anymore for the time being. If you check my profile you will see that my trophies for 100 and 1,500 kills have not unlocked despite having the 2,000 kills trophy. Their counters have not gone up since they stopped working for the first time.

Same goes for the wins trophies, Coxwell and Lionspire have 9 wins registered for their 10-wins-trophies and 12 and 14 wins for their 25-wins-trophies. No win registered for the 10-wins-trophies anymore aftet they broke for the first time.


Fingers crossed they fix those issues soon but they might be something you want to consider as well when deciding wether to play this yet.

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