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We Made a Stand Tips

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Ok so, i just got the plat for the game and i tried something to see if it works, and it actually does for the "We Made a Stand" trophy.


I started a new story with Marko, Boris, Arica and Roman for 30 days, no winter at all, intensity of crime set to MEDIUM (the event doesn't spawn while on LOW) and I've picked about 12 locations (10 minimum) which most of them, if not all of them, were areas that were either empty, or it had neutral NPCs so you could loot everything without any problem.


Marko is a fast runner with a lot of space in his inventory, so i used him for areas like the Church where u had to kill some non hostile NPCs to get huge amounts of loots but every time you visited the same area, a couple of the NPCs would still hunt you down and you had to be fast.

Boris was used for the empty or safe areas so i can get the max value of every scavenging run.

Arica was picked because I've read in a forum that she has the highest efficiency for guarding the safe house, only second to Roman.

And Roman for the reason mentioned above. He's the best defender of the safe house.


Ok so, first few days were only focused on looting the bare minimum from food perspective, and everything else was wood and metal materials so i can craft boards and upgrade the normal and metal workstations.


I made the 3 boards and reinforced door as fast as possible (i think i completed these on day 14 i think) and then i started focusing on gathering every broken weapon, shells and gunpowder i could find so that I'm ready for the crime period.


Day 23 out of 30 and the crime period came, here's what I've tried.


The moment it started, i got the message that we were raided and we defended successfully. BUT, Roman as expected, got drunk AND fought with Arica. Plus Arica robbed us and left our safe house... ???


So i quit to the loading screen and load again. 

Day 23 again and this time we got raided and we defended successfully again, but this time, only Roman had an issue and it was that he couldn't sleep.

So i quit and load the game again, and a 3rd and a 4th time, until the 5th try it was the one that i got the message that we defended successfully, and nothing else. No ody in the house had a problem with anyone.


I continued this strategy the next day, and the day after, until i got to Day 26 and the crime period was over.


It turns out that it worked perfectly, I don't know if that's a known strategy or not, i just thought to write about it in case other people need help as i did but couldn't find anything like that online.


Another note is that, the moment the crime period started, i stopped sending people to scavenge since I didn't care about anything else than surviving these days. Roman can defend the house BY HIMSELF if you have 3 boards and a reinforced door, but just to be sure, i always used Roman and Arica (the 2 best house defenders in the game) to guard, and the other two, were sent to sleep in bed.


Be sure to keep everyone to AT LEAST hungry and sad, cause otherwise you're gonna have trouble. Dont let anyone of the survivors of your starting lineup die before the crime period starts cause it'll cancel the trophy. Make sure noone leaves, or robs you and then leave the house while period is active cause that also cancels the trophy.


I surely forgot a couple of things to write, but this poat is already way too long. ?

If anyone needs any more tips, feel free to ask! Good luck hunters! ??☺️

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Hi, thank you fot the tips!


I've just started my adventure with this game and I am sure that I will try use your advices in the future. But... now killing other persons/enemies in this game is difficult for me, I generally try avoid them.


By the way - this game is awesome!


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